What if there was enough money for everyone?

Only 1 % of the world population owns almost half of the global wealth. At the same time, millions live of less than 2 $ per day.

It’s time to #disruptpoverty

Let´s start a Universal Basic Income Fund

A monthly payment of 100 $, for the rest of your life.

How will this work?


The UBI Fund will collect donations on an ongoing basis from all over the world, starting with an initial global crowdfunding campaign.


These funds will then be invested – just like a normal investment fund but guided by sustainable and ethical principles. No investments in fossil fuels or weapons.


The earnings of the UBI Fund will be paid out to randomly selected people, at first in countries with extremely low income. As the fund grows, more people will be selected.


These individuals will receive a basic income of 100 $ per month. Subject to the growth of the funds´earnings, this income will be increased over the years.

How we get there

Become a supporter

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Crowdfunding Campaign

Once our e-mail list reaches 100.000 supporters, we´ll start a crowdfunding campaign.

Set up an organization

With the funds collected we will set up an office, design a website and start collecting donations.

The first payments

After a period of one year of investing the first randomly selected individuals will receive their first basic income!

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